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Freight and

Local, national and international distribution of your merchandise through the following options:

  • Local, national and international parcel, land and air.
  • LTL to everywhere inside México.
  • Local and national Direct Shipping (1.5 tons. 3.5 tons and dry vans 48´and 53´).
  • We personally monitor your shipments, a person is assigned to your account and responsible for your complete satisfaction (no extra cost).
  • We have strategic alliances with companies of great prestige and quality.


We have over 5000 m2 in the cities of Querétaro, Leon, Guadalajara, México y Monterrey

Inventory control

Security system 24/7

Maximum security closed circuit

Loading and unloading of units

Handling Services

Pick & Pack

As part of our comprehensive service, staff is ready to fill and assemble orders with strict quality rules, considering processes imposed by the client. Through purchase orders we will be filling your orders and pack them ready to be shipped to wherever is needed


We are experts in the matter, we advise you so your warehouse and distribution will be handle in the most efficient way, fast and safe. Specially with a focus on cost reduction and profitability for your company.

Pak2Go Logistics nace a raíz de la visión de ofrecer soluciones logísticas integrales, creando así un abanico de opciones con la que se buscan 2 principales objetivos: la satisfacción del cliente y la rentabilidad de las empresas con las que trabajamos.


Todo México: 800 APOYO 06 , Monterrey: (81) 1365 5333 , Chihuahua: (614) 481 0497 ,Querétaro: (442) 221 5528, CDMX: (55) 5531 3553, Guadalajara: (33) 3615 6427, León: (477) 717 5906, Veracruz: (229) 293 9950, Cd. Juárez: (656) 623 5823, San Luis Potosí: (444) 274 0307, Puebla: (222) 227 4330, (PAK2GO LIMITED):(852) 2201 1066, California: (161) 9777 6906


Lunes-viernes: 9:00 – 18:00
Sabados: 11:00 – 17:00